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We’re not experts in producing video games, but we are awesome in creating game assets. We want to create stunning game assets, animation and videos product that inspire and inform, delivering audience interaction and engagement.

“Game Development” as the word already describes, takes a lot of time in the creation of assets. Fifteen years ago Game Development teams consisted out of a few programmers. Usually one programmer could do programming, game design and visuals all at once. The time to develop a game could have been six weeks for example. As the game projects and teams became larger, development time grew longer. Now big companies run their own engines or have licensing contracts for game engines.

If you a person who knows how to use or have his own game engine, I believe you will be glad to skip mesh creation process unless you like it so much as we do. So now you are looking for game asset, You need them to be custom made – as you do not want to use asset which are available for everyone. You want have exclusive asset, like your exclusive game, Right? I know that there is few options for you. First – create game asset by yourself, second thought you can just outsource it, third one find on e-stores.

We would love to help you, to be exclusive, so write to us and we will help you with:
– Getting References: blueprints, sketches of the model
– Modeling Process: high poly and low poly
– Unwrapping process
– Baking Process: normal map etc..
– Texture Process: diffuse, AO, and specular etc..
– Exporting Process: textures, objects, and collisions
– Testing Process: using UDK, and Unity

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